Crisis Management Training and Services

Executive Crisis Leadership

Winning companies win because they have good leaders who nurture the development of other leaders at all levels of the organization. Those same successful organizations will almost certainly be based on a firm bedrock of Trust and Accountability. We will work with you to design and deliver relevant and worthwhile leadership training and development strategies that meet the requirements of both your leaders and your organization.

With decades of real world experience leading teams from the field to the board room, our team are uniquely capable of relating to your employees.  We aim to engage your leaders in a dialogue, to develop them into exceptional leaders, rather than merely train them to be average. Based on the tailored skills & competencies your business requires for success, our solutions are a refreshing mix of tried and tested leadership theory and crisis management reinforced with practical exercises to enhance development.

Corporate Emergency & Continuity Management Programs

We rarely know when the next emergency is going to occur or what form it will take, but what is certain is that those organizations that are prepared and trained for them will be far less affected than those that are not. What is also true is that during an emergency, your leaders will be tested as never before; as the old saying goes “Anyone can be a great captain when the seas are calm!"

A Crisis Management Plan is the communications and decision-making component of an overall Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

A thorough Crisis Management Plan facilitates rapid communication to ensure overall safety to both internal and external stakeholders.  It also incorporates policies and procedures to perform an impact assessment and a plan to control media interaction during an event or crisis.

Business Continuity Planning

How quickly can you get your business back up and running after a service disruption? The future of your organization could depend on the answer.  We will create a plan that exceeds international standards in business continuity to support your critical service delivery and business operations.

The foundation of any business continuity program or plan is found in the HIRA.  Once the natural and human-caused hazards are identified, each one should be assessed against your business operations for risk and vulnerability.

After completing the HIRA and BIA, we can then prepare contingency plans for implementation during business interruption. Once you have a Business Continuity Plan, we will help you review it, distribute it and most importantly, test it to ensure it works.